Axle Jack


The last thing you need is to get gassed loading the bar on deadlift day. Save your energy for the real gains by letting our deadlift jack assist you in loading plates during your workout. Your work out buddies will love the quick changes and your event and competition volunteers will thank you for saving their backs. Not just for deadlifts anymore, this tool is perfect for any of your Olympic style lifts that start on the ground. This heavy-duty bar jack has UHMW lined cups that protect your bar knurling, preserving the quality of your high-end bars. This is the only deadlift jack on the market that will also work on your Strongman Axle Bars as well as your standard Olympic bars.
  • 2×2” 11-Gauge Steel
  • 1/4” thick steel cups with UHMW plastic inserts to protect your bars finish
  • This jack will fit Strongman Axles as well as Olympic bars making loading & unloading of the bar an ease.
  • Made in USA

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